IPL offers a scientific pathway to realizing your full potential in life and leadership.  If you are committed to evolving your self as a leader and as a human being, IPL can provide you with structured training, tools, inspiration and a peer community to guide every stage of your journey.  



The Power of Leadership Principles

Nelson Mandela made a visit to the United States shortly after being released from 27 years in prison.  This video captures a powerful moment in an interview he did for TV during that visit, along with a lesson that Prof. Wadhwa draws out of it about the power of leadership principles.  

Closing the Learning-Doing Gap

Watch Prof. Wadhwa discuss how the Beatles became a phenomenal force in music, and the lesson it teaches us about closing our own learning-doing gap. 

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The 3 Domains of Personal Leadership

Science of Self

Our Science of Self curriculum invites you on a powerful journey toward discovering and mastering your own self and establishing the inner foundation for pursuing success in life and leadership. 

Science of People

Our Science of People curriculum will give you a powerful set of leadership principles and a toolkit to strengthen your ability to inspire others, have difficult conversations, develop others, and more.  And our Virtual Mentor mobile learning platform will ensure that your learning translates into tangible and sustainable improvements in your leadership behaviors.

Science of Strategy

IPL-Columbia’s Science of Strategy curriculum provides you with practical frameworks, insights and tools to strengthen your ability to formulate solutions that address critical strategic challenges and opportunities. 

IPL Stats

  • 500,000+ managers now have IPL's online Executive Education courses available through their organizations.
  • 10,000+ professionals have learned Personal Leadership principles through our workshops, keynotes and onsite classes.
  • 4,000+ professionals have taken one or more of IPL’s online Executive Education courses
  • 92% of participants in our online courses complete the program and earn a Columbia-IPL Certificate. 
  • 90% of participants in IPL’s open-enrollment online courses are committed to taking another Columbia-IPL program in the future. 
  • 86% of participants in IPL’s blended (online + physical) programs say they prefer this format over a purely physical class experience. 
  • 81% of participants in IPL's online Executive Education Programs rate their learning experience an 8, 9 or 10 (on a 1-10 scale).
  • 40% of participants in our open-enrollment online courses are CXOs, VPs or Directors.   
  • 1,000+ videos, each 3-5 min long, organized in 75+ modules, are included in IPL's online training catalog.
  • 9 Executive Programs and 18 Master Classes on different personal leadership topics are available to you through IPL.
  • 3 Leadership Domains are the focus of IPL's curriculum: Science of Self, Science of People & Science of Strategy.
  • 1 Purpose drives everything we do at IPL: to enable everyone we serve to come closer to their highest potential in life and leadership.


IPL in the Media

IPL in the Media


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IPL in Russian

IPL in Russian

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Featured Course

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