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This Master Class is offered in partnership with Columbia Business School Executive Education.  Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion by IPL & Columbia.

How to be True to Your Self

Domain: Science of SelF
Program: Developing Your Inner Core

Date 1: Jun. 06, 2016 to Jul. 15, 2016   
Date 2: Nov. 07, 2016 to Dec. 16, 2016


Watch a video excerpt from this master class.

You will also earn one day's credit towards a Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE) from Columbia Business School. Learn more about the benefits of earning a CIBE here

  • Self-paced, high-quality video lectures and interactive exercises 
  • Opportunity to connect and discuss with a global community of executive participants
This class has given me the opportunity to learn more about leadership, both from the content and from other participants. It blends both sources wonderfully. Spending time better understanding myself through this class was a very good investment.
— Ray Luthur, Executive Director, Indiana University
Ray Luthur

Ray Luthur

This is one of the best courses I have experienced in my life. I sincerely see how much impact it has had on me — on my behavior, my communication skills, my self-confidence and my ability to step back. It has given me the tools and techniques for becoming an effective leader.
— Chams Edine Ndiaya, Project Manager, ALLIANZ
Chams Edine Ndiaya

Chams Edine Ndiaya