Do I get any certification from Columbia for doing this course?

Upon your completion of the course, you will be granted a Certificate of Completion by Columbia Business School Executive Education. The name of the program on the Certificate will be "Driving Strategic Impact (Online)."

You will also earn credit towards a Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE) from Columbia Business School (one day's credit for the Essentials Edition, two days' credit for the Executive Edition, and three days' credit for the Premium Edition). Learn more about the benefits of earning a CIBE here

Can I get credit toward a degree at Columbia University?

This course will not give you credit toward a degree program at Columbia Business School.

How is this course related to the Driving Strategic Impact course taught at Columbia Business School?

Driving Strategic Impact (Online) is based on the Strategic Consulting Skills course taught in Columbia's MBA program and Driving Strategic Impact: Mastering the Skills of Strategy Consulting course taught in Columbia’s Executive Education program. The insights, tools, stories, frameworks, reflections, readings and group discussions from this course have been adapted to deliver a compelling interactive learning experience to you online.

This online program is taught by Columbia Professor Hitendra Wadhwa, who originally developed this course for MBA students and executives, and who continues to teach it at Columbia Business School.

Since this is an online program – how will I be able to interact with and learn from other participants who are taking this program along with me?

Driving Strategic Impact (Online) has been designed to offer rich opportunities to participants to connect with each other, build relationships, and collaborate on their learning journeys.

  • The program includes 2 webcasts that provide opportunities for live interaction with faculty and participants. (Executive Edition participants will be invited to 3 additional webcasts).
  • The program includes a number of other ways to engage with other participants – sharing personal stories, online polls, discussion forums, participant profiles, and more.
  • You will be given the opportunity to form a Learning Group with 3-4 other participants. Each Learning Group will be given specific tools and assignments to facilitate discussion, sharing, feedback and support.

I would like to take this course along with one (or more) partner(s). What should we do?

You and your partner(s) will greatly benefit from joining each other in this course. A number of Driving Strategic Impact exercises and activities are well-suited for paired or group work. We therefore encourage you to join with others from your circle of friends, family members and colleagues to enroll in this course. We will provide additional guidelines to you and your partner(s) to help you get the most out of this course, collectively. If you are taking the Executive Edition version of the course, and would like you and your partner(s) to be assigned to the same Driving Strategic Impact Learning Group, then you should let us know this at the time you enroll.

How is Driving Strategic Impact (Online) different from online courses offered by other institutions?

At Columbia Business School, we are redefining online education by fusing rigorous content & expert faculty with compelling video-lecture-segments, interactive exercises & a social learning community. Nothing like this has been done before.

View a video where Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa discusses our innovative approach to taking you on a powerful and engaging online learning journey.

How can I know for sure that this class is the right one for me?

Driving Strategic Impact is meant for individuals who are keen to become more effective at addressing strategic issues and having greater impact within their organization and with their clients. We encourage you to read the testimonials section of our website to see the kind of experiences past participants have had in this course.

I do not reside in the United States. How will the difference in time zones affect my experience of this course?

We welcome the fact that the audience for Driving Strategic Impact is very international – in the 3-day Executive Education workshop at Columbia, we routinely get an audience that spans all continents.

Most of the work you will do in this course can be done on your own schedule. Every week, you will have video-lectures to watch, and reflections and other interactive exercises to do. These can be undertaken at any time during the week as convenient to you.

The two webcasts will be scheduled for specific times (three additional webcasts, in the case of Executive Edition participants). If for any reason you are unable to attend a webcast, you will get a link to it so you can review it later.

Participants will be enrolled in Learning Groups consisting of 3-4 participants. We will offer all Learning Groups the ability to come together for live discussions via online conference call and video-chat – if your Learning Group chooses to do so, then it will require a coordination of schedules among your group members. Other forms of Learning Group interactions – such as providing feedback on group members’ reflections and stories – will not require any live-interaction and so again, can be accomplished at times convenient to each individual.