Message from our Founder

Hitendra Wadhwa is IPL’s Founder and President. We welcome you to read more about his background here.

Welcome to IPL.

After a career in management consulting and entrepreneurship, I decided to take pause after the sale of Paramark, my tech startup in Silicon Valley. I wanted to probe deeper into what makes people successful in life and leadership. So I awoke one day, extricated myself from the warm quilt of the “rat race”, and hiked up to one of the peaks of academia, Columbia Business School, to pursue a new career in research and teaching. I started to investigate the following questions, as much for my own self as for the MBA students and executives I was teaching: 

What are the key drivers of success in life and leadership? How should we even define “success”? What does it take to draw out the best in our own self and others? How do great leaders become “great”? Is the pursuit of material success in conflict with the pursuit of a happy, balanced, values-based life, or could these be two sides of the same coin? What is our highest potential – and how do we get there? Can we actually change our character and personality, or is that a quixotic quest?

These are timeless questions, and in the past the only way to explore them would have been to tap ancient wisdom - or new-age gurus. But in recent times, the scientific community has started to turn its attention to these topics. So I was able to draw upon the latest scientific breakthroughs, compile a rich fact-base, build a structured framework, and craft a set of success principles. I also investigated the lives of great leaders from history, and discovered that the same success principles that disciplines like psychology and neuroscience are discovering are in fact the path all great leaders have pursued. And I was privileged to forge collaborations with top 21st century psychologists and psychotherapists to devise practical tools that would help people put these success principles into action. This scientific enterprise became the foundation for my teaching at Columbia and the Institute for Personal Leadership. 

But science is only half of the story. The other half is technology. At Columbia and IPL, we are deeply committed to building improved learning methods for our digital age. No longer does learning have to be confined to a classroom – with IPL’s library of online modules, you can now engage in learning anytime, anywhere. No longer is learning simply about intellectual mastery – with IPL’s mobile platform, you can now engage in repeated practice, feedback, goal-tracking and on-the-job guidance. Our mobile learning platform has put IPL at the forefront of technology for personal leadership development. 

IPL is privileged to partner with Columbia Business School Executive Education. We provide a range of online courses to serve people who see themselves as work-in-progress, who are keen to evolve themselves as leaders and as human beings, who believe there is much untapped potential within them, and who are energized by the prospect of using digital platforms to learn and grow in powerful new ways. If this sounds like you, then I invite you to take an online course with us. IPL may be the guide you were looking for to take you on your personal leadership journey and to connect you with others who share your aspirations. 

My favorite form of greeting, learned while growing up in India, is "Namaste". It means, roughly translated, “I bow to the highest potential within you.”

So, Namaste!