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Are you curious about online Executive Education but have a lingering concern that online learning may not have the same impact as a physical program?

Over 1,000 executives from more than 60 countries have taken our online programs, Personal Leadership (Online) and Driving Strategic Impact (Online). Our participants have offered strong testimony to how engaging, inspiring, practical and rich an online Executive Education experience can be. In the words of Lauren C. States, Vice President, Strategy and Transformation, IBM Corporation, "Personal Leadership (Online) far exceeded my expectations. I knew to expect something special, but it was far more than I imagined."

You can now take our online programs for a test drive as part of a two-week trial by signing up anytime by September 21. Sign up now for a unique online educational experience that combines powerful science-based content from Hitendra Wadhwa, an award-winning professor, with opportunities for reflections and discussions with a global community of executives.

Personal Leadership (Online) is a game-changer. The course design and body of work uniquely combines the foundational leadership principles with the latest developments in neuroscience. The depth and breadth of the material and instruction provides a deeper understanding of each individual’s capacity to reach our highest potential.
— Catherine Gueli, Vice President - Strategy, Management Processes & Communications, Xerox

Read below about the two full modules you will get as part of the Free Trials. Additionally you will get access to the full sequence of topics (titles of videos and reflections) covered in the program.

Personal Leadership (Online)

Fall Session begins on September 24

Managing Adversity and Rebounding from Setbacks

Adversities and setbacks are inescapable in every person’s journey in life and leadership.  And yet, there is little formal training we are given on how to lead our self and others through such times of tumult. This class is a powerful and moving journey into understanding adversity and how we can lead ourselves in such situations.  It weaves together surprising new findings from psychology with case studies from the lives of great leaders and everyday heroes.  You will leave with a practical toolkit on how to manage adversities and rebound from setbacks, and how to make this approach a daily habit.  

“Personal Leadership (Online) revitalized my inner view of life, giving me tools to overcome difficulties inherent to my environment. It also redirected my energy to focus on what actually matters in life.”

Javier Teres Flores, Director of Manufacturing, Conve & AVS

"Personal Leadership (Online) is like watching an interactive TV channel loaded with information and refreshing insights! I prefer it to other learning methods like books or workshops."

Deepankar Ghosh, Senior Contracts Engineer, Dragon Oil

Driving Strategic Impact (Online)

Fall Session begins on October 1

Develop a Storyline.jpg

Developing an Effective Storyline

Our strategic ideas and recommendations, however brilliant, carry no weight unless we can communicate them to others in a compelling manner.  Effective communication isn’t just about delivering a powerful presentation at the end of a project.  It is about our everyday conversations with key stakeholders and team-members, and about our effectiveness in getting others to give us the information we need from them.  You will learn a powerful tool to help organize your ideas into a compelling story for any kind of communication – a casual conversation to a formal presentation.  

"You will come away with a whole new appreciation for learning remotely – vivid, colorful, insightful, and information-packed presentations that have somehow retained a very personal touch despite being delivered online. A must for anyone aspiring to be a consultant or getting better at solving complex problems!" 

- Raja R Iyengar, President, EBIZ LABS

"I enjoyed the outdoor settings of videos in Driving Strategic Impact (Online). I liked Hitendra's delivery style, the short video length, the user interface which kept track of which videos I've viewed."

David Buley, CFO, Association of Independent Schools of NSW