At IPL, we have helped people from diverse backgrounds address their personal and professional growth aspirations so they can approach their highest potential in life and leadership. Over 5000 people have benefited from our training and coaching programs over the last 5 years. We invite you to review the impact we have had on participants’ lives.

IPL can help you pursue personal and professional growth in three areas:

  • Science of Self:  Our success in life and leadership depends on how effective we are at leading ourselves. Self-Leadership is about how to operate as your best self in all situations and rise to your highest potential by gaining mastery over your inner life through the 5 Pillars of Purpose, Wisdom, Self-Realization, Love and Growth.  
  • Science of People: “No man is an island.” To maximize our impact in any role we assume in our personal or professional life, we need to work with, and through, others. People Leadership is about how to inspire, motivate, influence and develop others – so you can draw out their best self in the pursuit of a common objective.  
  • Science of Strategy:  Both in life and leadership, we are from time to time charged with the responsibility of making critical decisions that will have long-term impact with limited information, time and resources. Strategic Leadership is about how to analyze complex issues in life and leadership and make the right decisions, and how to iterate and adjust direction until you arrive at a winning outcome. 
There is a soul force in the Universe, which if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.
— Mahatma Gandhi