This Master Class is offered in partnership with Columbia Business School Executive Education. You will receive a Certificate of Completion by IPL & Columbia.

Inspirational Leadership

domain: science of people
program: connecting & inspiring


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Inspire Your People to Deliver Their Best

How do you get your people to do what you need them to do? Poor leaders command their people, good leaders persuade them – and great leaders inspire them.

Today’s employees are increasingly looking for a more authentic connection with their work. Traditional rewards-and-punishment tactics are becoming less effective in motivating employees as they increasingly look for a workplace that can provide them with autonomy and fulfillment. How can you infuse more meaning into your people’s work and inspire them to deliver their best, every day? How can you sustain this inspiration during times of turbulence? What should you do if one of your employees isn’t motivated to deliver? Can inspirational leadership be learned in the first place, or is it simply a quality some people possess and others don’t?

Inspirational Leadership introduces you to a number of powerful ways to drive employee engagement, by inspiring your people, instilling motivation from the inside-out, and helping them make their work a calling. The class is based on the latest science of human motivation, and on best practices in how great leaders have inspired their people.

Inspiration is a force multiplier for great leaders. You may only have a few people on your team, and the task ahead may be laden with obstacles, but when you lead with inspiration, you create the conditions where your people will, from time to time, rise to their highest potential and achieve their Mission Impossible. 

What You Will Learn

  • How inspiration and meaning drive employee performance and loyalty
  • Why we typically fail at inspiring people
  • 6 Principles for Inspiring Others
  • Template for crafting and communicating an inspiring vision
  • How to help your people make their work a calling
  • How great leaders have ignited strong passion and commitment from their people even in the midst of challenging conditions
  • Video-based role-play challenges to practice and gain feedback on how to motivate and inspire your people, using IPL’s proprietary Virtual Mentor platform

Course Structure 
This IPL-Columbia Master Class offers you the opportunity to go on a focused 6-week learning journey to gain mastery over a particular personal leadership topic. Scientific insights and tools are supplemented with a strong dose of practice and personal integration.  

  • Duration:  6 weeks
  • Time Required:  2 hours per week
  • Self-paced, high-quality video lectures
  • Online reflections and discussion
  • IPL’s proprietary myPL mobile learning platform for convenient on-the-go access
  • IPL’s proprietary Virtual Mentor platform for practice and feedback 
  • Certificate of Completion from the Institute for Personal Leadership & Columbia Business School Executive Education.
  • Access to the IPL toolbox – tools, templates, and frameworks

Inspirational Leadership is based on IPL’s scientific learning system, integrating breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, sociology, medicine and psychotherapy, a rigorous study of great leaders and organizations, and a practical toolkit to drive tangible improvement in your personal leadership skills. 

This online course is taught by Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa, Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School and Founder of the Institute for Personal Leadership. You can read his bio on the Columbia website or here on the IPL Founder’s page.

Prof. Wadhwa’s teaching on how to inspire, influence, coach and change others ware some of the most impactful classes I have ever taken.They gave me a set of tools that I could use immediately, both at a professional and personal level. I have found the practical application of these classes to be amazingly long-lasting, and have achieved concrete results in shaping the behavior of others.
— Nina Bratfalean, Marketing Manager, BMW Group, Romania