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Disciplined Innovation

Domain: Science of Strategy


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Finding Winning Solutions Through Continuous Experimentation, Learning and Adaptation

As today’s organizations face increasingly dynamic and unpredictable conditions, their leaders are struggling with whether to focus on protecting the traditional business or investing in new disruptive models; both paths seem fraught with risk. What’s needed is a fresh approach to strategy that enables agility and disciplined risk-taking, allowing organizations to simultaneously preserve what is currently working and investigate new paths where they can learn, adapt and improve on an ongoing basis. We call this Disciplined Innovation. 

This class will introduce you to a set of practical insights, tools and best practices to finding business solutions that are continuously monitored, improved, adjusted or fast-failed, so you can evolve your organization from a “business as usual” culture to a disciplined innovation future. You will learn how to develop adaptive strategies, accelerate learning, make midstream corrections and maximize value capture.  

Disciplined Innovation is based on a range of consulting, coaching and training projects done by IPL’s senior faculty with Fortune 100 healthcare and technology companies, and pioneering work done by Prof. Wadhwa at Paramark, a Silicon Valley startup he co-founded and led in the past.  

Participant Profile
The Disciplined Innovation program is designed for executives of all levels who are looking to evolve their organization from a “business as usual” culture to a disciplined innovation future.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Apply 5 Principles of Venture Capital to drive disciplined innovation at work
  • Surface and shift limiting mindsets and beliefs that inhibit innovation
  • Define project objectives in a way that maximizes strategic flexibility
  • Identify key strategic risks and unknowns
  • Develop adaptive strategies that enables agile response to different future scenarios, and reduces downside risk
  • Design & execute rapid low-cost experiments
  • Understand the difference between “smart” and “dumb” failures
  • Extract key strategic insights from projects
  • Manage projects with both a “business agenda” and a “learning agenda”

Course Structure 
This IPL-Columbia Executive Program allows you, over a 12 week timeframe, to build a broader personal leadership competency. 

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Time Required: 3 hours per week
  • Self-paced, high-quality video lectures
  • Online reflections and discussion
  • Opportunity to interact with a global community of executive participants
  • IPL’s proprietary myPL mobile learning platform for convenient on-the-go access
  • Certificate of Completion (Executive Program) from the Institute for Personal Leadership & Columbia Business School Executive Education.
  • One day of credit toward a Certificate with select alumni and tuition benefits from Columbia Business School.
  • Access to the IPL toolbox – tools, templates, and frameworks

Disciplined Innovation is based on IPL’s scientific learning system, integrating breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, sociology, medicine and psychotherapy, a rigorous study of great leaders and organizations, and a practical toolkit to drive tangible improvement in your personal leadership skills. 

This online course is taught by Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa, Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School and Founder of the Institute for Personal Leadership. You can read his bio on the Columbia website or here on the IPL Founder’s page.