This Executive Program is offered in partnership with Columbia Business School Executive Education. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion by IPL & Columbia. 

Leadership Intuition

Domain: Science of Strategy

Intuition is a powerful but largely under-tapped resource in life and leadership. All great leaders from history - more broadly, all great achievers -- have from time to time used their intuition as a critical foundation for real-time guidance, decision-making and creative problem-solving.  

What is intuition? What are its pitfalls? How does it benefit you in life and leadership to draw on your intuition? How can intuition be used to provide guidance on your most complex challenges? Can intuition be consciously cultivated, and if so, how?  

This Executive Program draws upon the latest science of creativity, problem-solving and intuition, as well as studies of great achievers, to help you clarify your understanding about intuition and how you can marshall it to improve your judgement and maximize your impact. 

This online course will be launched in 2018. Stay tuned!