IPL-TCS Program for "Managers of Managers"

The curriculum consists of a two-phased learning journey: Influencing Skills (12 weeks, 2 hours per week) and Inspiring Others (12 weeks, 2 hours per week). Below are short descriptions of the programs and snippets to give you more insight on the content.


Our ideas, aspirations and plans, however brilliant, carry no weight unless we can engage and gain buy-in from others.  Influencing Skills provides a powerful set of insights and tools, drawn from the latest science of human nature and studies of Great Leaders, to help participants learn how to navigate the interpersonal and organizational challenges that inevitably arise on the path to professional impact and success.


Great leaders don’t simply manage people’s performance – they tap into people’s full potential. They do this by getting people to be deeply committed and impassioned about their goals. Inspiring Others taps the latest science of human nature, and studies of Great Leaders, to equip participants with principles and techniques to inspire people, win their hearts, and maximize their engagement at work.

Introduction to Difficult Conversations

Introduction to Inspiring Others

Five Principles of Mastering Difficult Conversations - Principle 5

Five Principles of Inspiring Others - Principle 1

Ten Techniques of Mastering Difficult Conversations - Technique 10

Invitation to watch a Role-Play