Keynote Speeches

Prof. Wadhwa is selectively available for delivering keynote speeches at key events where you are seeking to inspire your audience with specific Personal Leadership ideas and insights.  The winner of Columbia Business School’s Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2012, Prof. Wadhwa is a dynamic, thought-provoking and passionate speaker on a wide range of Personal Growth and Leadership topics. 

In 2013, Prof. Wadhwa did Keynote Speeches on the following topics:

  • The Power of Paradox:  How to Unlock Your Full Potential by Embracing Opposing Ideas
  • 5 Mindsets for Driving Strategic Impact
  • Working Smart, Not Working Hard:  How to Achieve More by Doing Less
  • How to Succeed by Not Trying:  The Principle of Non-attachment

Here is a short talk he has given at TEDx on how we are shaped by our self-identity:

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