"Who am I, really?"

Watch a TEDx talk given by Professor Hitendra Wadhwa on how we are shaped by our Self-Identity. 

"Making Leadership a Habit"

Listen to three stories from the lives of Churchill, Gandhi, and Mandela that reveal a surprising technique for strengthening your leadership skills.

"What the Beatles taught Steve Jobs"

Watch Prof. Wadhwa share a powerful observation from Steve Jobs about the Beatles and what it teaches us about personal leadership

"Gaining Inspiration from Great Leaders"

Watch Prof. Wadhwa share a story of how he was inspired by Gandhi at a critical moment - and what it reveals to us about the power of studying great leaders.

"Forging a Winning Path"

In this video, Prof. Wadhwa shares a moving story about Eleanor Roosevelt and uses it to illustrate a key insight on how great leaders have had impact.

"Leading from the Inside Out"

In this video Prof. Wadhwa reflects on how leadership is an inside-out journey, and uses the example of Martin Luther King to illustrate the power of inner connection with the people you lead


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