Taking Giant Leaps through Small Steps: The Power of Chunking in Driving Transformation 

4 September 2014, Thursday, Noon EST

A Complimentary Live-streamed Talk by Columbia Business School Professor Hitendra Wadhwa

Do you aspire to evolve your professional abilities in new directions - but struggle at achieving success? Are you keen to cultivate more kindness, humility, discipline, centeredness, compassion, courage, or resilience - but find such personal growth goals too challenging to take on? As a leader, do you aspire to change your team or organization's culture - but have no clue where to start? 

In this live-streamed talk, Columbia Business School Professor Hitendra Wadhwa will reveal one powerful secret used by Change Champions - people who are super successful at pursuing major personal and professional transformation, and in changing their teams and organizations. He draws on his research on Personal Leadership -- latest scientific findings and stories from the lives of great leaders -- to provide tools, evidence and inspiration for how we can all craft small practical steps that expand into giant leaps along our path to change. 


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