Boosting Personal & Interpersonal Effectiveness: The New Science of Personal Leadership 

Monday, MAY 04, 2015, 12:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST

Live-stream SESSION by Columbia's Professor Hitendra WadhwA And His Colleague Julie Hussain


In most business contexts - from leadership to strategy, product development, sales, service and account management - the key to high performance in today's world is not simply functional expertise but also personal and interpersonal effectiveness. How strong are your people at:

  • Building trust at high-speed?
  • Co-creating outcomes?
  • Collaboration?
  • Delivering clear feedback?
  • Expressing a positive "no"?
  • Influencing and inspiring others?
  • Managing conflict?
  • Raising sensitive issues?
  • Responding to tough questions?
  • Thinking on their feet?
  • Uncovering client needs?

These high-performance behaviors are typically challenging to implement within an organization. Employee training and change initiatives struggle to deliver measurable outcomes or sustained impact.

Based on Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa's acclaimed research and teaching at Columbia Business School, IPL has developed a practical and scientific approach we call Personal Leadership that finally makes it possible for organizations to build personal and interpersonal effectiveness within target employee groups.

Personal Leadership integrates the latest findings from neuroscience, psychotherapy and psychology with a proprietary technology platform that uses social media, gamification, mobile and video to address the challenges of implementing high-performance behaviors. Through this tool, we create a community of organizational learners who engage in on-the-go learning, practice, feedback and role-modeling of critical behaviors.

Join us for a live-stream session where Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa and his colleague, Julie Hussain, will lead you through the five building blocks of behavior change and show you how IPL's distinctive Virtual Mentor platform helps boost performance by measurably improving employees' ability to lead, manage, collaborate, build trust-based relationships, sell, negotiate, influence and manage conflicts.

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