Hvis jeg bliver ved med at prioritere, som jeg gør i dag, hvad er så de logiske konsekvenser om ti år? 

June 9, 2016
Hvor tit har du ikke siddet efter en afsindig travl periode og lovet dig selv at tage mere tid til familie, venner og interesser? Og hvor tit er det løfte så fordampet med telefonens første sitren? 

Are online courses a threat to lucrative executive education?

March 2015 – By Rebecca Knight
The online course referred to in this article being taken by 100+ of Ericsson executives is the Columbia-IPL course on Driving Strategic Impact. 

Can One Man Save American Business?

July 2013 – By Dorian Rolston
Hitendra Wadhwa teaches current and future executives how to breathe. He believes that self-regulation can achieve what market regulation cannot—great business leadership…

Mindfulness Isn't Just for the Yoga Studio

June 2014 – By Dr. Woody
Some top business schools, including Columbia Business School, have integrated the teaching of mindfulness into their curriculum. Hitendra Wadhwa, a professor of practice at the school and founder of the Institute for Personal Leadership, says that before you can master your business, you need to first master yourself and mindfulness is a path to such mastery...

Antes de ser líder, debes ser espiritual

February 2014 - By Janet Grynberg and Carmen Murillo

Read Prof. Wadhwa's interview covered by Expansion CEO.

4 Little-Known Reasons Martin Luther King was an Amazing Leader, Human

January 2014 – By Drake Baer
As Columbia Business School professor Hitendra Wadhwa observes, King had to tame his anger in order to become a "messenger of peaceful struggle." King worked hard to maintain his nonviolence and admonished himself when he didn't...

5 Pillars of Becoming a Self-Aware Leader

September 2013 – By Dr. Woody
Americans are obsessed with doing. We like to be in constant motion even if we don’t always have a clear sense of exactly where we are going. As long as we are moving, we feel productive. But this steady movement is often unnecessary and unproductive, and professor Hitendra Wadhwa from Columbia University, is trying to change this mentality...

Keeping the Stupid Out of Your Life

September 2013 – By Susan Cramm
Since we can be pulled up or down by the people around us, Hitendra Wadhwa, a Columbia University professor who teaches the popular Personal Leadership and Success course, encourages his students to reengineer their “social environment so that it supports you in moving toward, rather than away from, your ideal self.”

Professor Wadhwa's interview with BBC

July 2013
"The Indian guru with an unlikely message for the high-flying world of finance and business: Aim for spiritual understanding as well as material success." 

Listen to Prof. Wadhwa's recent interview with BBC on how he embarked on his spiritual journey, why he launched Personal Leadership at Columbia, and whether spirituality and business can co-exist.

Leadership Lesson from Lincoln

May 2013 – By BFM
“It wasn't Abraham Lincoln's strengths but the self-discipline with which he used those strengths for the right purpose.” The founder of Institute of Personal Leadership, Professor Hitendra Wadhwa speaks about How Lincoln Became America’s Greatest President.

Yoga meets the Boardroom

An interview by Alex Phelan
Professor Hitendra Wadhwa is both yogi and businessman. Through his approach, which he calls Personal Leadership, Wadhwa brings together meditation and techniques for building awareness, scientific research, lessons from the great leaders of history and today's corporate environment. By combining these seemingly disparate elements, he offers a way to approach living in the world of business that is not only more balanced and fulfilling, but also leads to ultimately greater success...

Columbia Launches its First Online Leadership Programme

September 2012 – By Della Bradshaw
Columbia Business School professor Hitendra Wadhwa is to launch the school’s first online executive programme later this month, intended for both individual and corporate users...

People Processes and Talent Strategy at Godrej

June 2012 – By Anumeha Chaturvedi
Hitendra Wadhwa, a Professor from Columbia Business School with experience in strategy consulting, entrepreneurship and business education, conducts the programme on leading the self and others...

Jamsetji Tata, India's Industrial Master

November 2011 – By Doug Tsuruoka
Jamsetji Tata was a yes man. He never took no for an answer. That quality in the father of Indian industry sparked one of the world's biggest conglomerates.

The Church of B-School

September 2011 – By Shelley Dubois
Sharing pieces of your emotional past sounds more like the stuff of support groups than MBA programs, but schools are recognizing a need to add these experiences to their curriculum...

On the Lesson Plan: Feelings

June 2011 – By Melissa Korn and Joe Light
Business schools are tapping into their "soft" side. This fall, students at Columbia Business School will be invited to learn the art of meditation...