Our breakthrough Virtual Mentor platform gives you the “Holy Grail” of learning and development - the ability to get new behaviors to stick with learners and to achieve measurable impact from your training dollars.

  • Daily Practice: Virtual Mentor takes participants on a learning journey that begins with a workshop or online program and then extends into a few minutes of daily practice over the next several weeks to ensure the new behavior sticks.
  • Video-based Challenges: Participants are provided video-based challenges on their mobile devices where they get to practice new behaviors in a risk-free environment. They get regular feedback on their performance from peers or experts - and an opportunity to learn from best-practice performances.
  • Progress Monitoring: You have access to a dashboard through which you can continuously monitor individual participants’ practice activity, assess their performance and measure the impact of the training.

When I first started using Virtual Mentor, I was unsure if it would make any difference in how I respond to situations. After using it for only a few weeks, I started receiving positive feedback both from my peers doing the program with me, and even business colleagues that were not in the program with me, about my response to challenging situations.
— Wess Bolsen, Head of Bus. Dev. & Public Affairs, Cool Planet, A GE Ventures Company
The virtual role-plays greatly strengthened what we learned during the program since it is a very personalized experience. Virtual role-plays are a very low-risk exercise compared with the work environments we are in, and so we also tend to demonstrate our true behavior in a natural manner. We are much more open to listening and accepting critiques.
— Richard Sun, Sr. Manager/ Sr. Technical Fellow, Chrysler