Science of People (SoP1) - Managing Performance

sop1.1 leading change - (MASTER CLASS)

Maximize Your Personal Impact at Times of Change

How much of your character, personality and other qualities are fixed, and how much are they changeable?  How can you change yourself – and how can you guide your people to change? 


When we observe how people remain the same year after year, we develop the impression that changing people is either impossible or else really hard.   And yet, in today’s fast changing world, it is critical for us to change our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors – and to lead others to effective change as well. 

This class helps you understand, in scientific terms, the true potential for change that people possess.   It then introduces you to the best practices used by “change champions” – people who have succeeded at changing themselves and changing others – and translates these into a practical set of techniques you can deploy immediately to drive change in people.

Leading Change invites you to first focus on the most important person you need to change – your own self – and to then master the challenge of changing the people you lead.   You will learn powerful scientific findings on behavior change and will walk out with a rich set of insights and tools for how to substantially increase your odds of success in leading your own self and your people to change.   

What You Will Learn

  • Mindsets and behaviors that restrict people from changing their behavior
  • 5 Building Blocks for changing yourself and changing others
  • How to create a Behavior Change Plan for your self  
  • Best practices on how to maximize your impact in changing others mindsets and behavior
  • Real-world case involving the turnaround of an organization at a critical moment in history.
  • How great leaders have changed themselves, and changed others.    
  • How to create a Behavior Change Plan for the people whose behavior you want to change

Program Dates 1:   Feb. 29, 2016 through Apr. 8, 2016
Program Dates 2:   Aug. 1, 2016 through Sept. 9, 2016

For large cohorts of learners from your organization, IPL offers customized learning dates and learning paths.  Please inquire below.

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