Science of People (SoP2) - Winning Support

Sop2.1 Mastering difficult conversations - (MASTER CLASS)

Translate Moments of Conflict into Win-Win Outcomes

As we grow professionally, we begin to recognize how critical it is for us to master difficult conversations.   Some people act aggressively in such situations in order to push their agenda.  Others disengage from the situation, often surrendering their agenda.  Great leaders actively pursue their agenda but do it in a manner that builds understanding and collaboration, rather than tension, resentment and disagreement.  This is not simply a result of their personality or character, but is an acquired skill that is founded on specific techniques and practice.


Mastering Difficult Conversations trains you in how to successfully deal with difficult conversations.  You will be introduced to 5 Principles and 10 Techniques for mastering the process of going from conflict to collaboration – in a single interaction.   You will learn specific techniques for how to say no positively, how to disagree constructively, how to respond to criticism, and more.

Most of all, you will walk away with a much deeper appreciation for how conflict-ridden conversations can, when approached the right way, lead to positive, win-win outcomes.  

What You Will Learn

  • “4 x C” framework for understanding the key drivers of success in difficult conversations. 
  • 5 Principles and 10 Techniques for getting positive outcomes from difficult conversations. 
  • Scientific research on how our inner life - our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and values – affects our dynamics during moments of conflict.
  • How great leaders have moved their people from conflict to collaboration, won over their opponents, and achieved win-win breakthroughs.
  • Practical toolkit for how to create win-win outcomes in situations where you have to disagree with people or say “No” to them
  • Video role-play challenges that allow you to get practice and feedback, using IPL’s proprietary Virtual Mentor platform – to help you build new habits and generate tangible breakthroughs in your approach to having difficult conversations.
  • Film clips that help illustrate the 5 Principles and 10 Techniques of Difficult Conversation

Program Dates 1:  Feb. 29, 2016 through Apr. 8, 2016
Program Dates 2:  Aug. 1, 2016 through Sept. 9, 2016

For large cohorts of learners from your organization, IPL offers customized learning dates and learning paths.  Please inquire below.

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