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How to be true to yourself

Operate with a Natural Force of Character, Anchored in Your True Self

Date 1: June 6, 2016 to Aug., 15, 2016
Date 2: Nov. 7, 2016 to Dec., 12, 2016

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Course Description: We admire people who live and lead with authenticity, self-confidence and clarity of purpose. Yet most of us, from time to time, struggle to operate with self-confidence, to giving full expression to our values, feelings, thoughts and motivations, or to balance our personal goals with our commitments to others.

How can you cultivate more confidence in your self, especially in high-stakes situations?  What does it take to be true to your self?  How can you pursue authenticity in a world that isn’t always aligned with your interests?  How should you balance your own goals and values with what others expect from you?  How can you lead your people to their own practice of authenticity, even as you seek to have them serve a common goal?

This class helps you address these questions by taking you down three learning paths:

  • Authenticity:  You will be introduced to the Five Pillars of Personal Leadership that are at the heart of authenticity in life and leadership.  The more you practice these pillars, the more you will live and lead authentically.  You will get practical guidance on how to put these pillars into practice in your personal and professional life, and on how to foster authenticity among your people as well. 
  • Self-Confidence:  This class trains you in cultivating self-confidence from within.  You will get practical guidance on the inner and outer steps you can take to experience an increasing sense of confidence in all that you do.   You will also learn that a lack of self-confidence isn’t necessarily a negative force, but a feeling that needs to be properly channeled into action.  
  •  Inner vs. Outer Scorecard:  We are often conflicted between pursuing an inner scorecard – our personal goals, values and aspirations – and an outer scorecard – the expectations that others have of us.  Inner vs. Outer Scorecard engages you in a rich and insightful analysis of the costs and benefits of both scorecards, and then leads you to establish an ideal scorecard for life and leadership.

What You Will Learn

  • What it means to be authentic in life and leadership
  • The 5 pillars we all need to pursue in order to operate authentically
  • The importance of balancing self-confidence with humility
  • How to strengthen your self-confidence – the behaviors, mindsets and values that will take you there.
  • Practical guidance on how to achieve breakthroughs in the practice of self-confidence and authenticity, at work and in life.
  • The costs and benefits of operating with an inner vs. outer scorecard; how to develop an ideal scorecard. 
  • How great leaders have forged self-confidence, practiced authenticity, and designed their scorecard.