Science of Self (SoS1)- Anchoring Your Self


Establish an Inner Polestar for Life and Leadership

Purpose and values are the foundation for great leadership, and for pursing a life well lived.   They illuminate our life journey by giving us direction, clarity and meaning.  But rarely do we step back to explore the hard questions that are at the core of pursuing a purpose-driven life (or:  …at the core of leading with purpose). 

How do my personal values relate to my outer goals and aspirations – to succeed in life and leadership?  How can I discover my life purpose?  What, for me, is an ideal life?  How do I integrate my personal values and purpose into my role as a leader?  What if the goals of my organization, or the responsibilities of my role, are not aligned with my values and purpose? Are there gaps between what I value and what I am doing today – and if so, how can I close these?

In this class, Prof. Wadhwa helps you tackle these pivotal questions, using IPL’s signature mix of rigorous scientific findings, inspiring studies of great leaders, personal reflections and a set of principles and practical tools you can apply right away to infuse your life and leadership with greater purpose.  

What You Will Learn

  • Powerful - and surprising - new findings from the science of happiness
  • Everyday practices to boost happiness
  • How to craft a vision for your ideal life
  • How to define your values, identify gaps in your pursuit of these values, and develop a plan to close these gaps
  • A breakthrough framework for integrating your values in your career and life
  • The benefits – and costs – of pursuing Purpose – and how to eliminate the costs
  • 6 Stages of forging Purpose and 10 Principles for a Purpose-Driven Life (or: for Leading with Purpose)
  • How great leaders have discovered their Purpose
  • Introspections to help you craft your own Purpose – and a checklist that will help you ensure it is the right path for you.  

Program Dates 1:  Apr. 18, 2016 through May 27, 2016
Program Dates 2:  Oct. 3, 2016 through Nov. 11, 2016

For large cohorts of learners from your organization, IPL offers customized learning dates and learning paths.  Please inquire below.

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