Science of Self (SoS1)- Anchoring Your Self


Cultivate Inner Strength, Focus and Clarity - and Realize Who You Truly Are


We often forget to nurture the most important relationship in our life – the relationship with our own self.  Self-Realization is the discipline that helps you develop not simply a deeper understanding but a realization of your true self.  IPL’s study of great leaders reveals how core the pursuit of Self-Realization has been to them, allowing them to approach life and leadership with remarkable poise, clarity and strength. 

Self-Realization introduces you to a number of powerful insights, reflections and tools through which you can pursue Self-Realization.  You will be given a framework though which you can explore and re-craft your self-identity to drive breakthroughs in performance.  You will learn how self-esteem shapes your motivations and behavior, and acquire a practical toolkit for strengthening it.  And you will be introduced to the age-old discipline of meditation that is, today, capturing strong interest among scientists, business leaders and sports champions. 

Join us for an illuminating journey where Prof. Wadhwa demystifies your “self” and opens a pathway to the space within you that has the potential to transform how you experience life, how you perform, and how you see your self.

What You Will Learn

  • Scientific findings on how your self-identity influences your performance
  • A 3-part framework for redefining your self-identity to maximize your potential
  • How high self-esteem is good for you – and bad for you
  • Four paths & practical tools for cultivating self-esteem
  • The scientific benefits of Meditation
  • Practical techniques and guidelines for pursuing meditation
  • Insights on how great leaders have pursued Self-Realization
  • Live session with a pre-eminent coach guiding a business professional, who has in his past, literally, been a rock-star, in cultivating unconditional self-esteem

Program Dates 1:  Mar. 07, 2016 through Apr. 15, 2016
Program Dates 2:  Aug. 22, 2016 through Sept. 30, 2016

For large cohorts of learners from your organization, IPL offers customized learning dates and learning paths.  Please inquire below.

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