Science of Self (SoS2) - Maximizing Your Impact


Develop the Physical and Social Conditions That Will Allow You To Operate at Full Potential

Despite our best intentions and effort, we stumble, from time to time, into significant physical and social impediments that limit us from operating at 100%. 

What influence do colleagues, friends, family, community and media have on your performance and behavior, and how can you align your social environment to maximize your success?  How can you maintain a high level of energy throughout the day?  How can you ensure that you stay as healthy as you can, for as long as you can?  What does nutrition have to do with your pursuit of success in life and leadership?  

Operating at Full Potential invites you to step back from the everyday pursuit of your goals to study your lifestyle – your pattern of physical and social activities.  It provides eye-opening insights into how social connections and interactions, nutrition, exercise, stress-management, sleep, and media-consumption shape who you are, who you will become, and how much psychological and physical freedom you will have to pursue your goals. 

Operating at Full Potential  reveals powerful new findings from science on how your lifestyle affects your energy and health, and on how your performance and behavior are unconsciously shaped by the people you interact with.  You will walk away with a practical toolkit for how to successfully re-architect your lifestyle to unshackle yourself from physical and social constraints so you can operate at 100% in all your pursuits.

What You Will Learn

  • Latest findings from sociology, psychology and neuroscience on how your social interactions subconsciously influence your character, personality, happiness, performance and behavior
  • Practical techniques for redesigning your social environment to allow you to operate at full potential
  • How your body produces energy, and which of your everyday habits increase or lower our energy levels
  • The scientifically validated best practices for managing your energy levels
  • Popular beliefs about health and diet – and how they can get you in trouble
  • The modern science of nutrition
  • How to improve your diet – without compromising on pleasur

Program Dates: To be announced shortly.
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