Science of Self (SoS3) - Building a Leadership Foundation


Identify and Rescript Self-Defeating Beliefs and Mindsets to Maximize Your Effectiveness

Our beliefs and mindsets have an invisible hold on us.  They are powerful forces in life and leadership that can hold us back or propel us forward – and yet, since they are deeply entrenched in our psyche, we are often not aware of how they are influencing our behavior, performance and outcomes in life and leadership.  
For example, some mindsets make us give up easily, blind to opportunities for learning and growth, judge people and situations prematurely, be competitive with our own colleagues and partners, or unwilling to step out of our comfort zone.  By replacing these with more empowering mindsets, we can bring about a powerful shift in our behavior, so that we are ever-vigilant to opportunities for learning and growth, invest time to understand people and situations carefully, forge collaborations even with those that appear opposed to us, and are emboldened to take calculated risks.   This shift in behavior will then boost our performance.

Cultivating a Winner’s Mindset will help you identify beliefs and mindsets that may be limiting you from achieving your full potential in life and leadership – and learn practical techniques cultivating winning mindsets.  

What You Will Learn

  • How your beliefs and mindsets affect your behavior and performance
  • Practical methods for identifying those beliefs that are limiting you today – and how you can re-script them
  • Four mindsets that separate winners from others
  • Practical techniques drawn from psychotherapy to help yourself, your team and organization shift into a winner’s mindset
  • Insights and inspiration from how the winner’s mindset has been practiced by great leaders, teams and organizations. 
  • Business cases where the role of mindsets is explored in practical settings

Program Dates 1:  Apr. 18, 2016 through May 27, 2016
Program Dates 2:  Oct. 3, 2016 through Nov. 11, 2016

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