Coaching & Role-Plays


At IPL we have a team of experienced coaches who are experts in the IPL methodology and who provide one-on-one coaching to executives on their specific Personal Leadership objectives. 

Many of our clients find it beneficial to combine an online executive education program, which provides executives with a range of Personal Leadership insights and tools, with coaching, which provides the personalized guidance and troubleshooting that executives seek on their specific Personal Leadership aspirations and challenges. 

The coaching is typically done via phone or video-conferencing, though in-person meetings can be arranged in certain cases.

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The only way to acquire a new skill is by practice, practice – and more practice.  At IPL, we provide executives with a unique methodology through which they can engage in regular practice on interpersonal skills, such as in how to have difficult conversations, influence others, coach others, deliver effective feedback, or build trust-based relationships.  

Using a video-conferencing platform, executives are connected one-on-one with an IPL coach who engages in a number of role-plays with them and provides live feedback.  We have designed this library of role-plays to give executives hands-on experience in applying the IPL toolkit to address the typical interpersonal challenges they face as leaders.  Executives can also use these sessions to role-play specific conversations they are planning to have with key people – thus preparing themselves for their “moment-of-truth” and boosting their ultimate performance in such situations. 

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Live-Stream Sessions

We periodically offer Live-Stream Sessions with Prof. Wadhwa where we share our latest research and practical guidance on Personal Leadership topics. 

These are free workshops and provide a unique opportunity for participants around the globe to have a live opportunity to interact with Prof. Wadhwa and with each other on current personal leadership themes.   We often get over 1,000 participants. 

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Lifelong Learning Community

In 2015, IPL will be launching a lifelong learning platform to be made available to all alumni of our Personal Leadership training programs (Columbia MBAs, corporate executives, and other participants in our online programs). 

This platform provides a powerful opportunity for our alumni to engage in a lifelong learning journey by getting valuable, fresh perspectives from Prof. Wadhwa and other IPL faculty, interacting with other participants, exchanging stories and gaining guidance and inspiration from their peers. 

Contact us if you are a Personal Leadership alum to learn more about this opportunity.