We've integrated the latest findings from a range of scientific disciplines that have been exploding with new insights on human nature. We've also developed an extensive library of case studies of Great Leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Aung San Suu Kyi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs, who exemplify the core principles of Personal Leadership and serve as powerful sources of insight and inspiration. 

We serve individual leaders seeking to pursue personal growth, teams looking to collaborate more effectively, and even entire divisions and organizations seeking scalable leadership development training across employee ranks.

Our training addresses the unique needs of early stage professionals to mid-managers and hi-potentials to senior executives. 

And, in addition to traditional class-room training, we've pioneered an innovative and highly acclaimed set of digital solutions that deliver training anytime, anywhere. 

We guide people on their mindsets, emotions, values, beliefs and habits and help them overcome their inner barriers to change from the inside out as it has been found that often times, the root cause of underperformance is a limiting mindset, a self-defeating belief, or a lack of emotional or social intelligence.

Employees are more motivated and have greater impact when their professional growth is linked to their desire to be happy, live a meaningful life, be successful in relationships, and operate as their best and authentic self. 

Our whole-life approach to personal development allows employees to find everyday opportunities to practice  the same skills that they will need in critical moments - such as when influencing clients, having difficult conversation with a boss, or collaborating in a team meeting. 

We reinforce change through proven methods.

Inspiration and Information: We stir the participants' hearts through compelling stories drawn from case studies of great leaders and peer-to-peer storytelling, igniting greater inspiration within them to change themselves.

"How To Toolkit:" We link every Personal Leadership insight with specific 'how to' tools which participants can implement immediately, guiding them with the concrete steps they need to take to pursue their personal development goals.

Deliberate Practice: Based on our research on key success factors in driving personal change, we guide participants in implementing a plan to engage in everyday practice, feedback and learning - powered by our proprietary VirtuaL Mentor Mobile App. 

Coaching and Role-plays: Optional personalized guidance through coaching and role-play practice coupled with feedback from IPL's experts provides ongoing support for participants' change efforts. Our Virtual Mentor Mobile App takes coaching and role-play practice to a powerful new level of scalability, peer-to-peer learning and deliberate practice. 

We utilize a number of engagement elements to ensure a focus on our clients' results