Few meaningful goals in life and leadership are achieved without the support of others.   And yet, it is often a challenge for us to gain other people’s commitment in the pursuit of our causes. 

We call our People Leadership training Leading Others from the Inside Out.  It focuses on how we can lead others – our subordinates, boss, clients, colleagues, partners, and even our friends and family.  We define Leadership not in terms of someone necessarily holding a position of formal authority over others, but of someone seeking to draw out the best in the people they are engaged with in the pursuit of a common objective. 

Prof. Wadhwa’s widely acclaimed research on Personal Leadership has identified two key findings on Leading Others:

  • To lead others effectively, we first need to lead our own selves. This requires an awareness of, and an ability to regulate, our inner life – our values, purpose, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and motivations.  At IPL, we provide training on this in our Self-Leadership curriculum. 
  • Great leaders don’t simply focus on their people’s behavior.  They go a level deeper, by tuning into people’s inner worlds – their values, goals, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and motivations.  Great leaders draw out the best in their people from the inside out. 

Leading Others from the Inside Out emphasizes this “inside out” approach to leading others by providing insights and tools through which you can uncover and help re-sculpt the values, goals, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and motivations of the people you lead in order to get them to engage in the behaviors you believe are central to achieving a common objective. 

Leading Others from the Inside Out is based on a rigorous foundation of new scientific findings on human nature from organizational and individual psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience, behavioral economics and sociology.  It is also based on our distinctive and proprietary library of case studies of great leaders through history.  These leaders have faced the challenge of aligning their people behind a common objective, often under highly adverse conditions – powerful enemies, internal conflict or apathy, a need for great sacrifice, limited resources and competing voices.  And yet, often against all odds, they have been able to energize their people and drawn out their best in the pursuit of their cause.

By analyzing great leaders’ journeys and the science of human nature, participants gain specific insights into how they can lead others, triggering a significant shift in their mindset and their approach to drawing out the best in others.   All program insights are translated into a practical toolkit that participants can use right away to grow their effectiveness in leading others.  Through a combination of role-plays and live feedback, participants generate concrete breakthroughs in how they can translate the insights and tools into more effective leadership behaviors.

Benefits of People Leadership

  • Adopt new leadership styles that increase your effectiveness as a leader across a wide range of situations
  • Develop and communicate an inspiring vision to your team
  • Use the power of storytelling to inspire and motivate others
  • Generate winning outcomes from difficult conversations
  • Approach opportunities to give and receive feedback with a growth mindset
  • Develop others by being an effective coach for them
  • Gain support from key stakeholders within and outside your organization for your agenda
  • Change others’ behaviors by shaping their motivations and beliefs
  • Grow the trust with which you are received within your professional community