Share Your Personal Leadership Story.

Your Personal Leadership story can inspire many others so we encourage you to share it through a video that you can record below.  You will be able to review your recording before you share it.  

In this recording, each of you will be invited to take 4 minutes and share something that, to you, has mattered a lot in life. It could be a special chapter in your life, a triumph you experienced or a challenge you undertook, a story that you find particularly inspiring, a song or piece of art that gives you special pleasure, a person that has inspired you, a philosophy or value that you find very meaningful, or anything else. We welcome you to share whatever you think would be most valuable for other people to learn. 

For best results, please follow these suggestions when recording your video:

  • Make sure the light source is facing you and is not behind you.
  • Look into your webcam when speaking. Imagine you are simply speaking to a friend.
  • Try to sit at a comfortable distance from the screen, neither too close nor too far.

All set? Click "Allow" below to enable your webcam and microphone, then record, review and send your video.

We look forward to hearing your story!