Columbia Business School Executive Education in partnership with the Institute for Personal Leadership (IPL) now offers you a unique opportunity to take Driving Strategic Impact with Prof. Wadhwa as an online program. This program provides the same innovative content that is taught to Columbia Business School's MBA students in the Driving Strategic Impact class and to executives in Columbia Business School Executive Education's 3-day on-site Driving Strategic Impact program.

Participants in Driving Strategic Impact (Online) receive a Certificate of Completion from Columbia Business School Executive Education and the Institute for Personal Leadership. You will also earn credit towards a Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE) from Columbia Business School. Learn more about the benefits of earning a CIBE here

Driving Strategic Impact (Online) has a better approach and structure, and helps achieve results much more than others programs out there.
— Marcio Mariano Junior, Director, FORSEE

Program Dates

Fall Session: September 30, 2015 - December 23, 2015

Program Design

TUITION: $1989*

  • 12-week, 20-session program with self-paced, high-quality video lectures and interactive exercises
    • 13-session Driving Strategic Impact Foundations program
    • Opportunity to customize your own 7-session Advanced Driving Strategic Impact experience by selecting from our extensive library of 20+ advanced sessions
  • Includes two live-stream sessions with Professor Hitendra Wadhwa with live chat/Q&A
  • On-the-go access to program content on your mobile device
  • Extended access to program content for 6 months
  • Opportunity to connect and collaborate with a global community of executives
  • Access to the Driving Strategic Impact toolkit – frameworks, templates, tools and more
  • Certificate from Columbia Business School Executive Education and the Institute for Personal Leadership



You will also have the opportunity to get 1:1 coaching from an Institute for Personal Leadership coach to guide you on how to use Driving Strategic Impact principles and tools to address your specific challenges and goals in becoming a trusted strategic advisor.  This service is available for an additional fee.   

Coaching sessions can also be used to do role-play practice where you get experiential learning and expert feedback on how to build trust-based relationships, get positive outcomes from difficult conversations, draw value from internal and external experts, and influence key stakeholders.



Columbia Business School Executive Education, in collaboration with the Institute for Personal Leadership, has developed an extensive library of online content on Driving Strategic Impact.  These sessions feature Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa as lead faculty along with experts he brings in on various topics.  

Driving Strategic Impact (Online) gives you a unique opportunity to customize your learning journey based on your specific professional development objectives.  Over the first 7 weeks of the program, you will participate in a collective journey with other participants through the foundations of Driving Strategic Impact.  In weeks 8-12, you will take another 7 classes – personally selected by you from our collection of 20+ advanced Driving Strategic Impact sessions – to deepen your mastery in areas of interest to you.   

And while we encourage you to keep to our 12-week schedule for the program, the 6-month extended access to our program content allows you to learn at your own pace, and to keep coming back to revise key learnings and insights.  


* Limited scholarships available. Learn more.

Driving Strategic Impact (Online) is an excellent program! It exceeded my expectations in two areas: content delivery by Prof. Wadhwa – he is awesome – and the organization of the materials online. You will develop a new friend professionally in this program.
— Charles Butler, VP Tech Ops Advertising, Aol Inc.