No one else makes an impact on so many people visually as Gene does. In turn, these people follow Gene’s example with clients throughout the world.
Gene has helped keep the Firm visually together and visually ahead. He has many admirers throughout the Firm and I am one of them.
— The late Marvin Bower, McKinsey & Company

NOTE: Participants enrolling in this class also get a $99 credit toward their enrollment in the program: Driving Strategic Impact (Online)

For Individuals

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Access: Participants will have access to the class content for 4 weeks from the enrollment date. 

Why is this important?

Our strategic ideas and recommendations, however brilliant, carry no weight unless we can communicate them to others in a compelling manner.  Being able to put your data, analyses and conclusions into an effective visual form is a critical skill if you aspire to engage with and influence key stakeholders.  And yet, as many of us have experienced, translating complex information into effective presentations is an elusive art!  


What will you learn?

In “Say It with Charts”, you will learn from a legend in the field of visual communication – Gene Zelazny – to translate qualitative and quantitative information into compelling visuals that powerfully illustrate the messages you are seeking to convey.  You will learn audience-tested techniques for communicating information quickly and clearly and directions on how to prepare the right chart for any presentation - pie, bar, column, line, dot - and when to use each. 

This class has been adapted from Gene's book The Say It with Charts Complete Toolkit which has sold more than 100,000 copies in 10 languages. 


How will you learn?

The complete learning journey will be online – you can learn anytime, anywhere at your flexibility over a period of 4 weeks. Once you enroll, you will be invited to join an "Online Classroom" where you will find 10 short 4-5 minutes video clips. Interspersed with these videos will be certain reflections and discussion questions that you may respond to, as a way to enhance your learning journey and to interact with other participants enrolled in the class. 

For Companies and Universities

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About Gene Zelazny

Gene Zelazny is the Director of Visual Communications for McKinsey & Company. He is the author of the book The Say It with Charts Complete Toolkit (combining Say It with Charts with a Say It with Charts Workbook with downloadable templates of over 250 visual concepts), and Say It with Presentations

Since joining the Firm in 1961, Gene's primary responsibility has been to provide creative advice and assistance to the professional staff in the design of visual presentations and written reports. This includes planning the communication strategy, structuring the story line, interpreting the data or concepts and recommending the best visual formats in terms of charts, diagrams, etc., designing storyboards, and rehearsing the presentation. He is also responsible for designing and conducting communication training programs throughout the Firm, and has successfully integrated video workshops to improve the delivery skills of the consultants. 

Gene has regularly presented his ideas on Making The Most of Your Business Presentation at Business Schools including Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, Kellogg, Michigan, Sloan, Stanford, Wharton, Hass and Tuck as well as INSEAD, LBS and Oxford in Europe. 

You can learn more about Gene and his books on

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You may buy the books on Amazon or contact Ms. Yin Chan of McGraw-Hill at +1 646 766 3138 for volume purchase discounts.

Gene may well have invented the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. His book is not about ‘charts’, it is about clear-headed thinking and communication.
I have personally benefitted immensely from Gene’s work.
— Thomas J. Peters, The Tom Peters Group; Author of 'In Search of Excellence'