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Courses: Science of People

“No man is an island”. Few meaningful goals in life and leadership are achieved without the participation and support of others. IPL-Columbia’s Science of People curriculum focuses on how you can draw out the best in others – your subordinates, boss, clients, colleagues, partners, and even your friends and family – in the pursuit of a common objective. 

Science of People builds on the learnings you get from Science of Self on how to master your inner environment. In Science of People, you will learn how to lead others by first attuning yourself to their inner life – their values, motivations, thoughts, beliefs, mindsets and emotions – and then using this attunement to win the support, behavior changes and performance breakthroughs you are seeking from them.  This is a powerful new inside-out approach to leadership that draws from Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa’s study of the lives of great leaders and latest breakthroughs in psychology, neuroscience, psychotherapy and organizational studies.   

Besides giving you a powerful set of leadership principles, IPL-Columbia's Science of People curriculum will give you a practical toolkit to strengthen your practice of leadership. And through the practice and feedback opportunities you get using our first-of-its-kind Virtual Mentor mobile platform, you will be able to translate your learning into tangible and sustainable improvements in your leadership behaviors.

Leading organizations that have tapped IPL to provide Science of People training to their executives include GE, HPE, SAP, Thomson Reuters, Hitachi, Verizon and Ericsson. 

Science of People consists of 3 personal leadership competencies; each competency in turn consists of 3 personal leadership skills.

If you would like to fully master a Science of People competency, we invite you to take the associated IPL-Columbia Executive Program.  If you would like to train yourself in one of the 3 skills associated with a Science of People competency, we invite you to take the associated IPL-Columbia Master Class. 

Executive programs

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.
— Benjamin Disreali

master classes

I consciously started inculcating the positive values of the [Science of People] Master Classes in my communication with my team. Previously, I used to get agitated on seeing poor performances by my team and immediately question the efforts put in by the contributors.  My objective was to bring the best in them and make them better at their work, but instead, my style was probably having an opposite effect. I took almost every lesson from this class and started applying them to my mails, teleconferences, and one-on-one conversations. I was surprised to find an almost instant positive reaction from my team members. My biggest takeaway from the class was to introduce positivity in every day life, empathize with different perspectives, and articulate my viewpoint in a collaborative manner.
— Sitanshu Mehta, Director, Business Development, Tech Mahindra
Sitanshu Mehta

Sitanshu Mehta