Driving Strategic Impact

Executive Education Workshop at Columbia Business School

Senior Director,  Pfizer

I have been in the industry for 20 years and have seen countless skills training programs - this one was head and shoulders above the rest - in both the content and the delivery.

Senior IT Manager, Pepsi Co, Inc.

Hitendra Wadhwa is an excellent teacher. Bringing framework and process into an area I perceived as more instinct and art was very helpful and enlightening.

Product Manager, Microsoft

The course was a great balance between lecture and exercises - we were able to practice what we learned immediately, which made it much less of a training and more of a workshop where you got to apply what you learned.

Product Manager, Microsoft 

I like that we really drilled down during group critique, and not in a superficial way like in other trainings. The faculty really pushed us and we learned so much from each other during the process.

Team Leader, Field Strategy, American Express

The concept of fast failing was so eye opening - it will help with time management in the very least. We do a lot of exhaustive and thorough analysis that may not be necessary if we use the fast fail technique.


Harvard Business School, Management Consulting Club President (2007-2008)

It was a great experience to participate in the Strategy Consulting Bootcamp. Professor Wadhwa was an engaging speaker and brought a lot of energy to the class. We particularly enjoyed the interactive nature of class with role plays and group projects. I had a chance to speak with students after the program, and they thought the Bootcamp was a perfect complement to the strategy classes offered at Harvard.


Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, Consulting Club President (2007-2008)

The students at Fuqua found this program to be phenomenally useful. We learned skills that will help us with recruiting and in our future jobs. We will definitely host this Boot camp at Fuqua again next year.


Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, MBA Class of 2008

What Prof Wadhwa actually provides is a set of tools for handling any business problem whatsoever, no matter the function, no matter the industry. The principles apply to much more than to consulting. I've begun using these tools to organize my club activities and my job search. I highly recommend Hitendra Wadhwa's bootcamp to my fellow B-school students.


Associate, McKinsey & Company, MBA Class of 2007

The greatest value I got from the course was the practical lessons that turned out to be directly relevant for my summer internship (and now my full-time job). Snippets like "how to summarize your extensive work in a short voicemail for your boss" or how to analyze an issue in a tree format. These are precisely the challenges faced by new associates at consulting firms, and I felt I had a leg up because of this class.


Private Equity Associate, Olympus Partners, MBA Class of 2006

The tips, tricks and frameworks that this class teaches are invaluable for just about any career, not exclusively strategy consulting. However, I found even greater value in Prof. Wadhwa's digressions where he shared his practical approaches to problem solving from his business experience.


Summer Associate, Brand Manager, Kraft Foods, MBA Class of 2008

The Strategy Consulting Skills course gave me a great framework and a set of tools with which to approach all kinds of problem solving. I gained learnings that are broadly applicable in many different capacities- from consulting assignments to extracurricular activities as well as my summer internship projects. I can now approach problem solving with a structured, systematic thought process and am sure these skills will be of use many more times in the future.


Senior Associate, Katzenbach Partners, MBA Class of 2006

Consulting Skills was one of the most valuable courses I took in the Columbia MBA; and not only because I’m now working as a Consultant but because I’m convinced that the Fundamental skills taught there (i.e., structured problem solving, project management, communications and influence building) are essential for managers in all industries. I am sure that this course gave me a head start in my consulting career at Katzenbach Partners.


Associate, Aerospace & Defense (New York), Booz Allen Hamilton, MBA Class of 2007

I think one of the key strengths of the class is the emphasis on logical progressions in problem solving. Rather than counting on our individual brilliance to intuit the optimal solution to a problem, the rigor of building and fleshing out strategy solutions is a sound and requisite practice not only for future consultants but for anyone in business and life.


Associate, JPMorgan Chase, Investment Bank, Client Strategy and Analysis, MBA Class of 2006

Even though I never planned to pursue a career in consulting, I have found the Strategy Consulting Skills course invaluable in my current job. Professor Wadhwa provides a great problem-solving framework that I have applied numerous times to my various strategy projects that I have worked on; I would recommend this class even for students not interested in pursuing a career in management consulting.