Resilience:  The Secret to Sustaining Success in a Fast-Moving World

29 April 2014, Tuesday, 11 AM EST

A Complimentary Live-streamed Workshop with Professor Hitendra Wadhwa of Columbia Business School

We typically view resilience as a survival skill needed to recover from war,  a life-threatening illness, the loss of a loved one or other forms of trauma.  In this workshop, Prof. Wadhwa will describe how resilience has a much broader role to play in sustaining individual and organizational success in a world that is evolving rapidly.  

Drawing on the latest science of human nature and case studies from the lives of great leaders, he will show how resilience enhances our capacity to learn, grow, innovate, adapt, influence, manage conflict and inspire change.  The workshop will share 5 key insights from Prof. Wadhwa's online executive education programs on Personal Leadership and Driving Strategic Impact on how all of us can cultivate and benefit from resilience in life and leadership.


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