Self-Confidence: Building an Unshakeable Foundation for Life and Leadership

9 September 2015, wednesday, 11.00 a.m. EST

A Complimentary webinar by Professor Hitendra Wadhwa

Having strong confidence in our own abilities, decisions, and ideas is critical for us to operate at our best in life and leadership.  And yet, many of us from time to time face a crisis of confidence at work - in meetings with "important" people, when we fail, when we feel judged by others, or when we take on unfamiliar tasks.  

In this webinar, Prof. Wadhwa will draw upon his research on Personal Leadership to share a framework that gives deeper insight into how we can all build self-confidence from the inside-out.  He will provide practical guidance on specific steps we can take to bolster our self-confidence, linking specific confidence-building practices to his online executive education programs, Personal Leadership (Online) and Driving Strategic Impact (Online).  


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