IPL is at the forefront of developing a rigorous new discipline of Personal Leadership that integrates the fields of leadership and personal growth. Our approach is distinctive because it builds on universal laws of human nature that are validated by latest scientific research, exemplified by the lives of great leaders, and operationalized by a practical toolkit you can implement immediately.

From the Inside Out:

We approach leadership from the inside out by showing you how to maximize your outer impact by first pursuing inner mastery.   And you don't have to take anything we teach you on faith. Our Personal Leadership methodology is based on a compelling body of scientific evidence from the frontiers of psychotherapy, organizational and individual psychology, neuroscience, sociology, behavioral economics, and medicine. 

Integrative Approach:

Today, we are witnessing an explosion of new research and publications on topics such as stress management, mindfulness, influencing, resilience, relationships, and emotional intelligence.  Most experts focus on a specific dimension of human nature or a specific set of tools, based on their expertise. At IPL we are continually identifying, synthesizing and integrating multiple streams of scientific research to help you understand yourself and others in a holistic manner – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – in your pursuit of success in life and leadership.  

Practical Toolkit:

So often, you learn something valuable in a training program but forget it the moment you walk back into your office. At IPL, we link every Personal Leadership insight with specific “how-to” tools, drawn from multiple disciplines, which you can implement immediately. We are committed to bringing you solutions that are firmly grounded in real-world proof of impact, and to helping you succeed at cultivating winning mindsets and behaviors.

Inspire, Not Just Inform:

We are committed to both engaging your minds and stirring your hearts. We have compiled an extensive body of case studies drawn from the lives of Great Leaders – such as Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, and Steve Jobs – which demonstrate how they cultivated Personal Leadership to bring out the best in themselves and others. We integrate these case studies with stories from the lives of everyday heroes and our own alumni to inspire our participants, not just inform them, along their journey to personal and professional growth.  

Flexible & Scalable Programs:

We offer a range of training formats, including a compelling portfolio of online learning solutions. We are thus able to serve the needs of both individuals seeking to pursue their own growth and small & large organizations seeking to provide scalable leadership development training across their managerial/professional ranks. We give you access to IPL anytime, anywhere.  

Lifelong Learning:

Great leaders approach learning & development not as a one-time activity, but a lifelong pursuit. Participants who complete our flagship Personal Leadership program are invited to become part of an IPL lifelong learning community. This keeps our participants connected with each other while also giving them access to the latest library of IPL resources to serve their evolving needs over the course of their professional and personal journey in life.