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Bridge the learning-doing gap with Mentora®

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About Mentora

We recognize that true behavior change comes only from deliberate practice, so we complement our teaching of Personal Leadership principles and techniques with our digital learning platform, Mentora, which provides participants with opportunities for everyday reflection, application, inspiration, practice and feedback.

Our digital learning platform:

  • Includes our library of 60 Personal Leadership classes with 1,000+ videos

  • Helps participants translate principles into daily habits by "chunking" their personal development goal into small steps

  • Uses the latest scientific findings on adult learning to shift mindsets and change targeted behaviors in six-week "sprints"


A Powerful Digital Learning Journey

Each IPL class offered on Mentora includes a step-by-step learning journey. Each step is approximately 3 to 5 minutes in length and can be a scientific insight or principle, a technique or tool, an inspirational story, a reflection question, or a role play.



Practice and Feedback

Mentora offers a one-of-a-kind leadership ‘flight simulator’ experience with video-based simulations of challenging real-life scenarios.  Participants give each other feedback and learn from their best-performing peers.

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Track Progress

Mentora Analytics allows you to measure participant learning and get detailed metrics on participants’ skill improvements. You will get clear quantitative metrics on the behaviors and skills  your teams are strong vs. weak at, and how learning and practice is driving improvements, individually and collectively.


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