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About Us


About IPL

Our mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations approach their full potential by creating ever-increasing outer impact through ever-deepening inner mastery. Our work is based on universal truths about human nature being uncovered by the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, genetics, sociology, psychotherapy and behavioral economics, and exemplified by the lives of great leaders from history.


What is Personal Leadership?

The scientific discipline of bringing out the best in your self, in others and in all situations, in the pursuit of a positive purpose.

With Personal Leadership, we are expanding the practice of leadership beyond the C-suite to every cubicle and role in your organization. Imagine everyone—every executive, manager, individual contributor—operating at their highest potential. What would that look like? How would it feel? What impact could you collectively have?


Our Values

Our values are based on our Five Pillars of Personal Leadership. We seek to practice what we teach, and though our practice is not always perfect, we are grateful for the ideal point these values guide us to strive toward.



We strive always to stay true to our core purpose of helping people approach their highest potential in life and leadership.



We cultivate the wisdom required to direct our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and mindsets in the service of our purpose and to uncover and embrace the truth in all matters.



Our work is anchored in love - in taking joy in others' joy, feeling success in others' success, and in serving our purpose with devotion.



We engage in the healthy pursuit of excellence by working to unlock the vast potential for growth that exists in ourselves and in others.



We seek to manifest self-realization in our work and lives, operating mindfully from the pure and joyful spirit within us, and respecting the same spirit present in everyone.

Our Team

The IPL team brings a wide range of professional skills and experience, including a distinguished track record in consulting, executive education, and C-suite leadership, all in the service of developing the next generation of leaders from the inside-out.


Hitendra Wadhwa

Founder & CEO

Senior Faculty: Science of Self, Science of People, Science of Strategy

Dan Burrier

Executive Coach

Senior Faculty: Science of Self, Science of People

Petra Nemeth

Executive Director

Senior Executive Coach


Suryaprakash Kareenahalli

Executive Director

Digital Learning and Operations

Josh Davis

Senior Director, Research

 Senior Faculty: Science of Self, Science of People   Senior Executive Coach

Nailah Wagner

Senior Director, Client Success

        Faculty: Science of Self, Science of People   Executive Coach


Natasha Gill

Director of Client Success and Research

        Faculty: Science of Self, Science of People   Executive Coach

Derrick Huang

Senior Director, Innovation

Senior Faculty: Science of Strategy

Jeffrey Golde

Director, Learning and Development

Faculty: Science of Self, Science of People


Tim Kopra

Senior Executive Coach: Science of Self, Science of People

Vicki Phillips

Senior Executive Coach: Science of Self, Science of People

Jake DeBerry

Senior Director, Client Development


Paul Gimenez

Director, Client Development

Judy Calabrese

Office Manager