The Institute for Personal Leadership (IPL) brings leadership development and culture change to organizations globally, from Fortune 500s to social enterprises. Our work draws upon Professor Hitendra Wadhwa's award-winning research and teaching at Columbia Business School. Our team brings strong backgrounds in corporate leadership, psychology, neuroscience, digital transformation, branding, human capital, strategy consulting, the US military and NASA. 

IPL's mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations approach their full potential by creating ever-increasing outer impact through ever-deepening inner mastery. Our work is based on universal truths about human nature being uncovered by latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, genetics, sociology, psychotherapy and behavioral economics, and exemplified by the lives of great leaders from history.

We offer transformational learning experiences at all levels of the organization through workshops, coaching, digital learning, keynotes, webinars and consulting. We recognize that true behavior change comes only from deliberate practice, so we complement our teaching of personal leadership principles and techniques with digital solutions that provide participants with opportunities for everyday reflection, application, inspiration, practice and feedback.


We envision a world in which each person and each organization is able to realize her, his or its highest potential, in life and in the marketplace, to create a better future for us all.


We get up every day infused with the belief that inside every person is a great leader—a leader who brings out the best in him- or herself and others in all situations—just waiting to be realized, developed and applied. And we are driven by the knowledge that we have the science, history, universal principles and techniques to make that happen.