Our Team


The IPL team brings a wide range of professional and personal skills and experience to the table, all in the service of developing the next generation of leaders--for companies, communities and the world. We have trained, worked and lead teams within top organizations in the profit, non-profit and academic arenas—as C-suite executives, consultants and executive trainers. We have academic training from institutions like Columbia, Harvard, IIT Delhi, MIT, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, University of Virginia, Wharton and Yale; and professional experience at corporations like BCG, CEB, Deloitte Consulting, IBM, McKinsey, Ogilvy and Time Warner,. 

We are all, to a person, here to help you and your organization reach the highest possible levels of leadership potential.



With IPL, there is content and team cohesiveness on stage and backstage that is really inspiring to see.
— Pedro Amado