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The future of leadership starts from within.


Our Approach

We recognize that true behavior change comes only from deliberate practice. That’s why we complement our teaching of Personal Leadership principles and techniques with digital solutions that provide participants with opportunities for everyday reflection, application, inspiration, practice and feedback.

  • Untapped

  • Potential

  • Unshackled from limiting beliefs about character, personality and emotional intelligence, participants discover their own true potential.

  • Inside-Out

  • Principles

  • By codifying a set of universal, inside-out principles, participants learn to shape their outer leadership behavior from a stable inner core.

  • Deliberate

  • Practice

  • Like any skill, mastering Personal Leadership requires regular practice and feedback. This is how participants close the learning-doing gap.


Inner Mastery. Outer Impact.

Leadership is often approached as a set of outer behaviors. But leadership is even more fundamentally about inner mastery—about mastering thoughts, feelings, intentions, values, beliefs, principles and identity. At the root of every personal leadership challenge is often an inner constraint we have to overcome, or an inner resource we have to tap into. Ever-deepening inner mastery leads to ever-expanding outer impact.

The Five Pillars of Personal Leadership

Just as there are laws of nature, the latest science is proving that there are also laws of human nature. At IPL, we have translated these laws into principles of Personal Leadership, and organized them into Five Pillars.

  • Purpose


    Pursue a purposeful path in life and leadership, paved with values, with goals as your milestones.

  • Wisdom


    Harness your thoughts and emotions to serve your purpose and to uncover and embrace the truth in all matters.

  • Love


    Expand your sense of self to take joy in others' joy and to feel success in others’ success.

  • Growth


    Work to unlock the vast potential for growth that exists within you.

  • Self Realization


    Operate from your inner core, a space of unconditional peace, joy and open possibilities that lies within you.