Can Leadership be learned? - (2/4)


Can Leadership be learned? - (2/4)

Professor Hitendra Wadhwa / Founder / Institute for Personal Leadership


In the first post in this mini-series, I discussed IDEA #1: Define a set of principles that you associate with the new leadership competency you are seeking to cultivate.  In each Master Class, I will guide you in formulating a clear set of principles and techniques associated with that competency, drawn from scientific research and exemplified by great leaders.

For any leadership competency, principles help us establish an ideal point of perfect mastery.  But how can one get there?

Let’s watch this video to explore the inspiring story of Katherine Graham’s leadership journey


So that is IDEA #2:  Break down your leadership development journey into small steps.

In IPL's Master Classes, we guide you in breaking down the leadership competencies into small steps and give you templates and tools to help guide you in how to apply this new competency in workplace situations. For example, we all struggle from time to time with managing workplace conflict.  How can one turn conflict into collaboration? In our Master Class on this topic, “Mastering Difficult Conversations”, we will help you break down the powerful discipline of Difficult Conversations into 5 principles and 10 techniques.  By mastering these small steps, you will gain mastery over managing conflict.

But just crafting these small steps, and having the tools and templates to guide you, will not be enough.  In the next post of this mini-series, I will discuss the next critical idea to help you get to leadership mastery.



The Master Classes by the Institute for Personal Leadership focus on helping you build one competency – such as “Strategic Influencing”, “Mastering Difficult Conversations”, “Mastering Emotions” , “Developing People from the Inside-Out” and “Leading Change”.