Can Leadership be learned? - (3/4)


Can Leadership be learned? - (3/4)

Professor Hitendra Wadhwa / Founder / Institute for Personal Leadership


Over the last two mini posts, we have begun to understand how leadership competencies can be learned. Start with principles and techniques (IDEA #1), and then Break down your journey into small steps (IDEA #2).

So what is IDEA # 3? Watch this video for how the Beatles became a world-class act to understand.


So there you have IDEA #3: Engage in regular practice, gather feedback and make adjustments.

As an educator, I take this third step very seriously. While it is very rewarding to have executives tell me at the end of a program how much they learned and how keen they are to implement their new learnings at work, I know, deep in my heart, that they will all have to grapple with the “learning-doing” gap.

And so at IPL we have developed an innovative platform, MentoraTM,  which gives you the opportunity to put the new insights and tools you acquire from any of our Master Classes into action in our video-based simulations that you can engage with on-the-go.  As you practice, gain feedback, and adjust your behavior across a range of highly realistic video-based simulations, you start internalizing these new skills, and you are then well on your way to making them a habit.   

But simply practicing your response in typical leadership situations will only help you become good. How do you go from good to great? Let’s watch another video where we learn about a dark moment for Michael Phelps at the Olympics.

So to go from good to great, you need IDEA 4:  Develop a wide repertoire of skills by practicing across a range of scenarios.  The range of video-based simulations in IPL’s Mentora platform is perfectly placed to help you do this.



If you are intrigued about how Mentora can help you master a leadership skill, our Master Class “Mastering Difficult Conversations” will give you a diverse array of role play scenarios to allow you to practice and step up your game in breakthrough conversations.  Similarly, in “Strategic Influencing” we help you increase your ability to influence people through a diverse set of role-play+feedback loops.