Can Leadership be learned? (4/4)


Can Leadership be learned? - (4/4)

Professor Hitendra Wadhwa / Founder / Institute for Personal Leadership


Welcome to our final edition of this 4-part mini-series on Can Leadership be Learned?

One of the key factors in your growth as a leader is whether or not you can envision new solutions to leadership challenges.  Many of us are imprisoned by the black-and-white nature of contrasting leadership styles:  “I can either push forward, or pull back”; “I can either agree with this person and be liked, or maintain my position and be disliked”; “I can either offer criticism and make the other person unhappy, or avoid saying anything and maintain harmony”.

Watch this video below to see how Eleanor Roosevelt approached a leadership challenge with remarkable creativity:


So that is IDEA #5:  Rise above limiting leadership styles and craft a win-win path. 

In IPL’s Master Classes, we constantly challenge you to find solutions to various leadership challenges that break you out of the confines of the traditional “boxes” of leadership.

We typically think of leadership as an outward pursuit – inspiring, motivating, influencing and changing others.  But you cannot play this outer game of leadership without first understanding and mastering the inner game of leadership and helping your people gain mastery over their inner game as well.

Here’s another video where I reflect on Martin Luther King’s inner journey:

IDEA #6:  Generate outer impact by pursuing inner mastery.

My teaching at Columbia and IPL is founded on this thesis – and so, in every leadership competency we help you develop, we help you gain insights into the inner forces – emotions, thoughts, beliefs, mindsets, values and motivations - that motivate your behavior and the behavior of other people, and we teach you how to lead from the inside out. One of our Master Classes is focused totally on your inner game:  “Mastering Emotions”.

I hope you’ve found something valuable in IDEAS 1-6 about how leadership can be learned.  Evolving yourself as a leader is not a casual undertaking.  But if you pursue leadership development with commitment and focus, armed with the right principles, guidance and tools, and with opportunities for practice and feedback, I have no doubt that the ideal leader you strongly desire to become will be within arms reach.



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