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Science of People

Building Trust at High Speed


Gain others’ trust by cultivating a strong personal brand.

If we want to drive impact and gain support for our causes, trust is arguably the greatest asset a leader can have. As our work environment becomes increasingly dynamic and diverse, one critical challenge we face is how to get people to rapidly trust us. But trust is a very intangible asset, and we often lack formal understanding of what actions we can consciously take to build trust—or which of our actions unconsciously may be eroding trust.

Building Trust at High Speed helps participants understand how central trust is to their professional success. It introduces them to 5 principles and 5 building blocks of trust, and trains them in a number of “inner mastery + outer impact” tools to strengthen the trust people have in them. They also learn how to accelerate this process of trust-building.

Participants learn that trust-building is not simply about their behavior or communication, but also about their intention and character. They learn how critical it is to shift their own mindset before they can earn the right to have their colleagues and clients put trust in them. They also learn that the most important person they have to build trust with is their own self.

What Participants Will Learn

Trust Mindsets and Principles

  • The value of trust in your professional life
  • 5 mindsets that compromise the level of trust people have in us—and 5 alternative mindsets that maximize trust
  • 5 principles for building trust at high speed

Trust Building Blocks and Behaviors

  • 5 building blocks of trust
  • Specific actions you can take to build trust along each of these 5 building blocks
  • Getting your people to trust one another

Trust in Action

  • Assessment of your own trust-building strengths and weaknesses
  • Video-based roleplays that will help you put your new learnings into practice and gain feedback, using IPL’s proprietary Mentora mobile app
  • Analysis of how a great leader cultivated trust with his people through a feature film based on an inspiring real-life story that shows how trust can lead to remarkable outcomes