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Science of People

Communicating with Impact


Maximize your public-speaking impact by creating deep resonance with your audience.

When we take center stage—in moderating a discussion, facilitating a workshop, delivering a speech, or teaching a class—we get a pivotal opportunity to shape other people’s views, build trust, cultivate our personal brand, and inspire people to action. Mastering public speaking is critical to maximizing our impact as leaders. But many professionals suffer from public-speaking anxiety. Even those who are very confident with public speaking may not be that effective.

This Master Class takes participants on an inside-out journey of understanding and forging a powerful and intimate connection with their audience. It challenges the conventional view that emphasizes only the outer language of public speaking—enunciation, tone of voice, body language and facial expressions—and instead invites participants to consider their (and the audience’s) values, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and motivations. Participants learn to shift their focus from outer engagement with their audience to creating inner resonance.

Communicating with Impact shows participants how they can create conditions for authentic expression and deeper alignment by being fully integrated and connected with their audience from within.

What Participants Will Learn

Forging Connection

  • Scientific insights into what speakers can do to make audiences engage with, trust, and support them
  • Practical techniques for developing a winning connection with your audience

Maximizing Impact

  • An inside-out framework that defines the key building blocks for audience impact
  • Best practices on how to deal with moments of conflict, difficult personalities and detractors

Tools and Practice

  • Insights and tools for using visual communication to inform, persuade and inspire your audiences
  • Video-based roleplay practice and feedback of pivotal public-speaking situations using IPL’s proprietary Mentora platform