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Science of Self

Cultivating a Winner's Mindset


Identify and rescript self-defeating beliefs and mindsets to maximize your effectiveness.

Our beliefs and mindsets are powerful forces in life and leadership. They can hold us back or propel us forward. And yet, since they are deeply entrenched in our psyche, we are often not aware of how they are influencing our behavior, performance and outcomes.

Cultivating a Winner’s Mindset introduces participants to mindsets that can cause us all to give up easily, miss opportunities for learning and growth, judge people prematurely, or be unwilling to step out of our comfort zone. Participants learn how to replace these mindsets with winning mindsets that bring a powerful shift in behavior and performance and that help them approach their full potential in life and leadership.

What Participants Will Learn

Shifting Mindsets to Boost Performance

  • How people get trapped by their own perceptions of constraints
  • Using storytelling to surface your mindset
  • How to shift mindsets to maximize your impact

Cultivating a Learner’s Mindset

  • Situations where a knower’s mindset gets you in trouble
  • How to cultivate a learner’s mindset

Bringing Out the Best in People

  • How to surface your core beliefs about people
  • How your interest in cooperation is shaped by your core beliefs
  • The winning mindset for professional success
  • How to develop the winning mindset to bring out the best in yourself and others

Rescripting Self-Defeating Beliefs

  • Typical self-defeating beliefs that limit your ability to have impact
  • Powerful and practical technique drawn from psychotherapy to rescript your beliefs