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Science of People

Developing People from the Inside-Out


Bring out the best in your people by giving them effective feedback and coaching.

Feedback is the mirror you hold in front of people so they understand their strengths and development needs in order to take appropriate action and close performance gaps. This Master Class helps participants realize that successful feedback dialogs are not simply about sharing information, but also about tuning in to and managing both their own and the other person’s thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Participants are introduced to five principles of feedback, provided a toolkit for planning and executing effective feedback, and guided on how to develop a culture within their team where feedback is freely exchanged and valued by all.

Coaching is a powerful way to help people grow to their full potential. This Master Class introduces participants to powerful principles on coaching from the inside out, and to a step-by-step approach for executing a coaching dialog. Participants get to understand how much untapped potential there is for developing their people through everyday, on-the-job coaching. They get a hands-on understanding of how to coach their people in cultivating self-awareness, pursuing development goals, surfacing limiting mindsets, and learning from experience.

What Participants Will Learn

Giving Effective Feedback

  • Rescripting mindsets that limit you from developing your people
  • 5 feedback principles
  • Guidance on the right time to offer feedback
  • How to create a feedback-friendly culture
  • I2P2 framework for planning and executing a constructive feedback dialog

Coaching from the Inside Out

  • 6 principles for coaching from the inside out
  • Whole-person techniques to improve your coaching effectiveness
  • GUIDE framework to plan and execute a successful coaching session