While the key benefit has been to help me start my ‘Personal Leadership’ journey, the [Science of Self classes] have also had a positive effect on my relationships at home. My wife and I have both enjoyed discussing key science and anecdotes from the course.
— STUART PAGE CEO | Glori Energy—A GE Ventures Company


We typically approach leadership as an outward-focused discipline. As a leader, you need to know how to inspire others, direct others, change others, influence others, and turn others around in times of adversity. But what if you turn that lens inward? Do you know how to inspire your self, direct your self, change your self, influence your self, and turn your self around in times of adversity? Isn’t it critical to master this inner game of leadership before you can master the outer game?

IPL-Columbia’s Science of Self curriculum invites you on a powerful journey toward mastering your self and establishing the inner foundation for pursuing success in life and leadership. You will gain an understanding of the key elements of your inner environment—goals, values, purpose, mindsets, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, motivations and habits. You will learn how these inner forces influence your behavior, happiness, relationships and performance, and you will acquire practical tools for mastering your inner environment to help you pursue success in life and leadership.