Excellent program! It exceeded my expectations in two areas: the content delivery by Professor Wadhwa — he is awesome — and the organization of the material online. You will develop a new friend professionally in this program. I really enjoyed the format and especially appreciate the insights and the systemic way they are broken down and delivered.
— CHARLES BUTTLER Vice President, Tech Ops Advertising, AOL Inc.


Your success as a leader hinges on your ability to analyze strategic issues, develop deep insight, solve complex problems, find innovative solutions, make critical trade-o s, and align key stakeholders—while operating under conditions of limited time, data and resources.

IPL-Columbia’s Science of Strategy curriculum provides you with practical frameworks, insights and tools to strengthen your ability to formulate solutions that address critical strategic challenges and opportunities under both stable and highly dynamic market conditions. You will master the skills you need to establish yourself as a trusted advisor to your superiors, colleagues, clients and partners.

Science of Strategy draws on skills and best practices from top-tier practitioners and firms in management consulting, venture capital, entrepreneurship and creative leadership.