IPL Founder Hitendra Wadhwa joins Brené Brown, Guy Kawasaki, Yuval Harari & Other Top Experts at One of the Biggest Business Summits of the Year. x

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Science of Strategy

Driving Strategic Impact


Over the last few decades, top-tier strategy consulting firms have cultivated a unique set of skills that consistently help them deliver high-impact solutions to complex strategic issues. This Executive Program trains participants in how to drive strategic impact for their organizations and their clients through a combination of tools, frameworks, roleplays and case studies. It is organized along the four phases of strategic problem solving: (i) Developing a Clear Understanding of Your Problem, (ii) Creating a Strategy Development Roadmap, (iii) Analyzing Data to Draw Strategic Conclusions, and (iv) Developing High-Impact Recommendations. Driving Strategic Impact equips participants with the tools and skills they need to become trusted advisors.

What Participants Will Learn

Structuring the Problem-Solving Approach

  • How to define the scope of a strategy project
  • Toolkit for developing a strategic problem-solving roadmap
  • Strategies for rapidly focusing on core issues

Generating Strategic Insights from Data

  • How to build a robust fact base efficiently
  • Interviewing skills for extracting information from others
  • Synthesizing data to drive key conclusions

Developing Winning Strategies

  • Strategy project management skills
  • Framework and tools for developing high-impact recommendations
  • How to get buy-in from key stakeholders