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Ericsson Case Study



Ericsson needed to get a global group of 200+ executives to step out of their comfort zone and learn new strategic impact skills and behaviors. Our challenge was to develop an online learning community where these globally-dispersed executives across strategy, finance, sales and HR functions could bolster their own skills, and seek honest, constructive feedback from their peers.

We were asked to design an experiential learning journey that would help these executives:

  • Derive tangible improvements in mastering difficult conversations and storytelling in order to influence and collaborate
  • Feel comfortable in recording and sharing role-play practice videos with their peers to get feedback
  • Give candid and effective feedback to their peers, on their role-play practice videos

  • Solution

    We designed a program that drew on our work and research on Mastering Difficult Conversations, Power of Storytelling and Leading Change.

    The learning journey included:

  • Self-paced digital learning experience on IPL's platform, Mentora®
  • Interactive live-streamed webinars with IPL faculty
  • Role-plays that motivated the executives to respond to written and video prompts every day for 10 minutes, using a set of scenarios and guidelines
  • Peer feedback that encouraged them to be candid and constructive while rating their peers on their role-play practice responses

  • Impact

    As a result of this learning journey, IPL was able to help Ericsson get:

    of these executives to feel comfortable in recording and sharing role-play practice videos with their peers and give honest, constructive feedback.
    of them to derive measurable improvement in their effectiveness at difficult conversations and storytelling, over the course of their learning journey on Mentora.

    What Ericsson Executives Say

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